Understanding your position

Tax advice

You are planning to start a business in the Netherlands. Will you be subject to Dutch income tax, corporation tax, wage tax and/or VAT? Our tax consultants have excellent knowledge of the tax obligations you will need to take into account.


Legal form

When you start operating in the Netherlands will you be conducting your activities in the form of a branch office or a company? We use both of these options in practice, each of which has its own pros and cons. Various factors need to be considered, including fiscal as well as strategic and practical aspects. Our advisors will draw on their long-standing experience to examine the different options with you. 


Determining your VAT position

Understanding your VAT position is important if you want to do business in the Netherlands. By focusing on this area in good time, you can not only avoid VAT problems and discussions with the tax authorities, but can also obtain benefits in the area of VAT. Our advisors are experts when it comes to optimizing your business in the Netherlands from a fiscal and legal perspective.


Transfer pricing

Around 70% of all world trade consists of intra-group transactions. If you transact with other group companies, transfer pricing documentation that complies with Dutch standards is important both for your business in the Netherlands and the parent company. Our professionals will help you draw up, assess, document and substantiate your transfer pricing policy. High-quality transfer pricing documentation will put your company in a much stronger position should you have to enter into discussions with the tax authorities.


30% scheme

The Dutch 30% scheme is a commonly used facility designed to attract foreign workers with a specific area of expertise to the Netherlands. Under the scheme a flat-rate, tax-free allowance can be paid as a contribution towards the costs the worker incurs in connection with his or her employment in the Netherlands (e.g. travel costs, language courses, residence permit, etc.). Our experienced employees will check whether you meet the conditions and will support you in applying this facility.

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