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Imagine a dynamic workplace where the world is your playing field. Our International Business team helps businesses operating internationally to realize their ambitions. The client may be a Dutch transport company that would like to open a branch in Eastern Europe, an online shop that is expanding into Belgium or an American company that is looking to establish a base in the Netherlands. In situations like these, businesses come up against legal, tax-related and employment-law questions. These are what you will work on as part of our International Business team. That means you will have the opportunity to make use of your international outlook and ambitions to provide sound advice and give personal attention to businesses that are taking this exciting step.

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Our team looks beyond the figures. Working at Visser & Visser means having the freedom to be enterprising. Do you want to develop a skill, obtain a diploma or move into a new role or specialization? If so, we will encourage your ambition. We will listen to your ideas and insights and together we will ensure that you carry out work that fits in with you and the life you want to live.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is an important driving force within our organization. We work every day to help our clients move forward in the best possible way. To do this, we draw on all the specialisms and expertise that we have in-house. And at Visser & Visser this expertise is extremely wide-ranging. Obviously, we do everything you would expect of an accountancy firm, such as compiling financial statements, performing audits, offering tax advice and handling payroll accounting. But we also do more. We give entrepreneurs peace of mind in relation to all the issues they come up against while doing business. Thanks to the broad service that we offer, you will be able to provide your clients with the best possible advice. 

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